LED Screen Systems

Founded in 2018, SinoUSco is the culmination of nearly a year spent abroad by its CEO Jim McBride. A lifelong entrepreneur, Jim began his first business in 1987 and has owned and operated numerous successful businesses since then. As is common with entrepreneurs, in the last few years he found himself searching for a fresh new venture. 

After extensive networking and research Jim found himself in China. While there, SinoUSco began to take shape after he established an extensive network of relationships with digital LED manufacturers and other business owners of the highest caliber. He has leveraged those connections to allow him to bring the best products directly from the factory floor to his clients.

International Business Networking

After spending over a year developing his extensive network of contacts, many of whom are more friends than just contacts, Jim realized that he had become positioned to add another avenue to the SinoUSco business model. As a result, international networking was added to the companies offerings. Jim has already made the "friends in the right places" in the very difficult terrain that is China. He is now able to utilize those friends to help clients navigate the waters and connect with the right people to develop a business footprint in one of the worlds largest markets.