• COB & SMD

- COB small-pitch LED screen system technology, the LED chips are directly welded on the PCB board, and then encapsulated.

- SMD small-pitch LED display technology, LED chips are encapsulated in bulb, then bulb is soldered onto PCB board.

  • Advantages of COB

1.  Allows for smaller pixel pitch 
COB pitch: P0.5-P2.0 vs. SMD pitch: Pl.2-P2.0

2.  Better protection and durability
-  SMD small-pitch’s bulb dimensions are generally 1010 or 0808 and the pad size is very small. 
-  The performance of the solder cannot be ensured. Bulbs are much more easily broken during transport and installation.


3.  Higher reliability and stability 
COB technology involves a simpler process to produce and less materials required than SMD. As a result, it has a higher performance on heat dissipation which increases span life.


4.  Larger viewing angle 
SMD technology creates a dot light source, but COB offers a surface light source. This allows for larger viewing angle and much better control of the loss of light refraction.